"Aqua Systems" JSC, represented by the Executive Director, officially declares its quality policy that is communicated, understood, implemented and maintained throughout the organization.

We strive to be an entirely customer-oriented organization, and achieve success by providing quality products and service to all of our clients.

"Aqua Systems" JSC is considered to be a company that constantly:

  • strives to fulfill customer expectations;
  • applies the highest standards of quality assurance to all its activities and to encourage and support the development of its staff;
  • considers its employees as the main and most important resource into account and consider the creation of a creative and motivating work environment.

We believe in active communication between all levels of the company. "Aqua Systems" JSC sees its main objective in an effective operations in full compliance with quality standards.

These objectives are achieved through:

  • continuous improvement of the efficiency of the Quality System complying with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 " Quality Management System“;
  • appropriately selected and highly qualified personnel, convinced of the need for continuous development of quality system of Aqua;
  • creating conditions for all employees to identify and exploit opportunities for improvement of the quality of work at optimum use of available resources;
  • identification and removal of errors and sources of such throughout the working process so they do not appear in the final product or repeat in the future;
  • control of every stage of operations from design to completion of our projects.
  • Mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers: selection of suppliers that guarantee high quality of goods supplied
  • Maintaining correct and mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers and key partners and all stakeholders

Всеки служител Аква се задължава в този смисъл да дава личен пример при осъществяване на нашата политика по качеството.

As CEO I declare my personal commitment and responsibility for implementing the announced QUALITY POLICY.